Residential Solar Panel Installer

PWR Solar Panel Installation is a company in Irvine, CA. We supply and install solar panels on properties in the area. Reach out and see how much you can save.

Residential Solar Panel Applications

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Residential Solar Panels For Your Home in Irvine CA

Residential solar panels are more popular than ever before. There is a real need to conserve electricity, and at the same time, save money. The panels of today are more aesthetically pleasing and perform exceptionally well.

Irvine California 

The sunny skies of Irvine California are conducive to solar panels. The city encourages all residents to use renewable energy systems through waived permit and plan check fees. There are also many statewide incentives available to residents of California. These policies were put in place as a way to support solar energy within the city and state. PWR Solar Panel Installation operates out of Irvine and are experts in the field. They are proud to be part of the community and want the residents to get the most from their energy dollars. 

Installation Process

There are many important factors that need to be considered when installing solar panels such as: 

  • Mounting location
  • Wiring
  • Wire connections
  • Control panel
  • Electrical connection

 PWR Solar Panel Installation are solar panels installer Irvine Ca. They can get the system up and running quickly.

Solar Advantages

Solar is a clean renewable source of energy that reduces the carbon footprint. It saves homeowners money and is environmentally friendly. Solar panels installer Irvine Ca helps people discover the advantages of going solar.

Generating Power

Power with solar is generated by the the sun. The energy is converted to DC current that goes to an inverter where it is converted to AC. This is the current that is used for homes.


The prices of solar panels have dropped, making it more affordable for homeowners. The initial cost and installation is relatively low compared to traditional electrical sources. Homeowners can recoup their money in just a few years because of the energy savings.

Make the Change 

Homeowners in and around Irvine CA are contacting PWR Solar Panel Installation for all of their solar needs. Now is the time to call them at 855-440-4900 and set up an installation appointment. They can answer any question and are dedicated to helping people save money while making the world a cleaner place to live.